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Some Homeowners Face Insurance Claim Issues

Some Homeowners Face Insurance Claim Issues

Some Homeowners Face Insurance Claim Issues
News from Patch.com:

As Massapequa and the south shore of Long Island recovers from Hurricane Sandy, homeowners should beware about what they’re hearing from insurance adjusters, state officials say.

Claims related to storm damage may not always be cut and dried as one area homeowner recently learned.

When the floodwaters from Sandy receded from Raine Thomason’s Lindenhurst home, the resulting damages totaled upwards of $ 100,000.

Thomason, who has been in her split-level ranch-style home off South Wellwood Avenue for 19 years, said she pays an annual insurance premium of $ 5,000 to cover up to $ 250,000 in structural damages and $ 25,000 in contents.

But much to her surprise, an insurance adjuster told Thomason her homeowners insurance from Nationwide would cover only $ 14,000 in damages and not cover any items located on the first floor of her home that were damaged.

According to Thomason, the issue she is now facing is whether her first floor, which is 5.6 feet above the ground on an elevated slab with no basement, is an enclosure as her insurance adjuster is claiming. With the Base Flood Elevation on her property being 7 feet, her home is 1.4 feet below the floodplain and had 4 feet of flood waters during Sandy’s surge.

In addition, Thomason also said the insurance adjuster told her that since her home is a post-

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