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It’s worth boning up on homeowner insurance

It’s worth boning up on homeowner insurance

It’s worth boning up on homeowner insurance
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Jeff Gelles, Inquirer Business Columnist

Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2014, 1:09 AM

Mention the word insurance, even to people who pay attention to other consumer topics, and you’re likely to draw yawns.

Trust me on that – it’s just the nature of the beast. After more than a dozen years of writing about everything from airfares to computer zombies, I’ve learned what stirs reader interest and what makes readers turn away.

One reason is that you’re likely to misperceive insurance as something intangible – a generic sense of protection against an awful but unlikely event. What you’re really buying is a very specific contract whose value, thankfully, you may never recognize. The trouble is, if you ever do, it will be too late to make a different choice.

That’s one reason to consider turning to an independent agent or broker – someone who can help you find the best coverage at a price you can afford.

To help guide you toward potential distinctions among policies, I asked two legal experts to flag key language in my own policy from Allstate. I also got an update on a perennial topic – call it “games insurers…………… continues on Philly.com

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