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Florida Homeowners Insurance ‘Bill of Rights’ Slowed by Fraud Measure

Florida Homeowners Insurance ‘Bill of Rights’ Slowed by Fraud Measure

Florida Homeowners Insurance ‘Bill of Rights’ Slowed by Fraud Measure
News from Insurance Journal:

Florida’s chief financial officer went to the Legislature this spring with a simple request: grant additional protections to customers dealing with property insurance companies.

But the push by Jeff Atwater is in serious jeopardy. That’s because insurers, such as State Farm Florida, are only willing to accept the added protections if they come with other changes that could help keep their costs down.

And that’s proving to be a big problem.

The House and Senate are now divided over the issue and are advancing very different versions of the bill. It’s a sign that nearly halfway through the Legislature’s 60-day session that the bill could easily die.

“I really hope some important consumer stuff is not lost in the fight,” Atwater said.

Atwater says he’s pushing the bill in reaction to thousands of calls his offices receive from consumers confused about how to file a claim when their home is damaged by a storm or a fire. Atwater oversees the state’s insurance consumer advocate office.

The bill would create a “homeowner claims bill of rights” that requires insurers to spell out to homeowners what they can expect when they file a claim.

The legislation also would prohibit insurance companies from using credit information to deny a claim or cancel a policy if the policy has been in effect for more than 90 da…………… continues on Insurance Journal

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