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Find The Best Homeowners’ Insurance

Find The Best Homeowners’ Insurance

Find The Best Homeowners’ Insurance
News from Investopedia:

How well does your homeowners’ insurance really protect you? You’d think most people would know the answer, but a recent national survey found that more than 60% of respondents were either not familiar or only somewhat familiar with the details of their insurance policies. Almost 40% weren’t fully confident that their coverage was adequate and appropriate for their needs. That’s a lot of ignorance – and anxiety – about what, for most people, is their largest asset.

“Many people buy homeowners’ insurance because they’re required to by the bank when they get a mortgage,” explains Steven Spiro, a principal with The Excelsior Group, an insurance agency in Valley Stream, N.Y. “They just follow orders and do what the bank tells them to.” Then they tend to forget about it – until they file a claim and discover that something they thought would be covered is, in fact, not.

Here’s a quick way to test your knowledge of common holes in your homeowners’ coverage:

The bank didn’t tell me I had to have flood insurance, so I don’t…………… continues on Investopedia

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