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Do you need home insurance?

Do you need home insurance?

Do you need home insurance?
News from Economic Times:

By: Kavita Sriram

Kapil had a vacation house in the country side. He was distressed to know that some miscreants had broken into his house. Apart from theft, property was also damaged. While he had lodged a complaint with the police , he needed money for repairs of the property. Continuous monitoring of the property was not entirely possible for him as the house was in a remote location. What if property and things get damaged again? Will he have to incur the expenses again?

Homeowner’s insurance is a form of property insurance that is designed to protect homeowners’ property. Damages to the house or its contents inside are covered. Apart from forcible intrusions by criminal elements, the umbrella of cover can also be extended to accidents at home.

Kapil can consider this insurance product that covers damages due to accidents like gas leaks and fire apart from theft. You can safeguard your nest from unpredictable events and natural calamities with a simple home insurance. However , as you bring in more and more factors under cov…………… continues on Economic Times

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