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11 Secret Ways to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

11 Secret Ways to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

11 Secret Ways to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance
News from DailyFinance:

Getty Images You know you need homeowners insurance, but what you may not know is how many different types of discounts that your carrier offers. According to Bankrate.com, there are at least 11 types — and chances are, most will be a surprise to you.

That’s because, unless you seem like you’re about to jump ship and hand your money over to someone else, an insurance agent has no incentive to tell you about them. Agents typically are paid commissions on policies, so the more you pay, the more they make.

“They don’t really want to give that information out,” Crissinda Ponder, Bankrate.com insurance analyst, told DailyFinance. “They don’t have to, either. Some homeowners might not know they need to be asking these questions. It’s up to consumers to take the initiative.”

There are two main principles at work. One is that the less risk you seem to be, the less the insurer can afford to charge you. The other is once the insurance company has signed you up, they know there’s a statistically good chance you’ll…………… continues on DailyFinance

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